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Prepare spokespersons for interviews with:           

      television * newspapers * radio * magazines

In these situations:

      media's facilities * your location * public forums * telephone

For these purposes:

      talk shows * features * teleconferences * editorial boards * media debates * news conferences * crisis situations * news programs * ambush interviews


Self -- How to deal with stress, what to wear, how to use their voices well, how food and rest affect interview success, how to stand or sit, where to look, what to think about, how to listen "care-fully," and more.

Subject -- How to identify interviewers' techniques, how to respond to them, how to deal with such reporters' strategies as the "speed-up" and the "stall," how to score by using our exclusive "agreement-principle," our "understanding," and "advocacy" techniques, and more.

Situation -- How to recognize and use the dynamics of any environment to the best advantage including ambush and crisis situations, how to deal with equipment, how to make time an ally, how to appear with compatriots or even critics, and more.