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Numerous instructional units offered within each of the standard and custom-designed core programs are available as half-day, one-day, and two-day seminars.


These include: Handling Questions from Any Source, Dealing with Difficult Situations and People, Coping with Confrontation, Assertiveness in Any Situation, Visualizing and Talking Yourself into Success, Stress Management, Change Management, Telephone Skills, Defining and Articulating Issues, Analyzing Audiences and Formulating Messages, Listening for Intent and Content, and Understanding and Communicating with Individuals’ styles.


We also offer training in writing techniques in conjunction with -- and separate from -- our spokesperson courses.


These include: Speechwriting for professionals and non-professionals, script writing (audio and video), editorial-page letters, and business writing. The instruction employs many of the same behavior-communications' principles offered in our spokes-person courses.


Advanced Communications Training – ACTtm

Our Advanced Communications Training (ACTtm) program is offered only to graduates of one or more of our core programs. The seminar's highly sophisticated and effective techniques are unsurpassed. Each technique is based upon practical and pragmatic interpretation of some aspect of our ongoing study of research in neuroscience, physiology, psychology, interpersonal dynamics, behavior, and communication.


Clients learn how to use this program's techniques to influence opinion, change behavior, and bring about desired outcomes -- often in minutes. No other spokesperson-training organization provides the level of sophistication offered in this program.


Leadership Training

To lead effectively in today's environment, one must keep pace with change. At no other time in history has the access to information been so rapid and diverse. Rapport Communications' programs help participants learn how to deal with the human side of leadership today. They cover every aspect of leading others emphasizing such key issues as personality profiling, along with leading during change or crises and team management. Stephen holds a recent M.S. degree in Organizational Leadership and Innovation and has completed approximately 2/3 of a doctoral degree program in this subject. He has also taught global leadership at the graduate level and entrepreneurial leadership at the undergraduate level during the past four years. He has a book manuscript in progress titled, "The Volunteer Leader's Guide to Leading Volunteers."