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Prepare spokespersons to face:

      conferences * management meetings * clients * prospects

In these situations:

      board rooms * meeting halls * client facilities

For these purposes:

      management briefings * major conferences * sales meetings * videotaped talks * special teleconferences * new-business meetings * security-analysts meetings * shareholder meetings


Self -- How to make the best, first impression, how to deal with stress, how to dress, how to use your voice effectively, how food and rest influence success, how and where to stand or sit, where to look, what to think about, how to listen "care-fully," and more. How to choose and use audio-visual equipment and aids.

Subject -- How to organize thoughts, how to write or edit speeches, how to prepare manuscripts for ease of delivery, how to deliver for maximum impact, how to establish eye contact, how to invite and respond to questions, how to identify the types of questions and respond to them, how to deal with interruptions, how to diffuse opposition, how to score with our "agreement-principle," "understanding," and "advocacy" techniques, and more.

Situation -- How to set the room for your needs, how to deal with critics or hostile participants, how to locate and capitalize on a room's "power" positions, how to share a platform with others, and how to take advantage of being first or last.