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Most problems faced by organizations and their employees center on a communication issue of some kind. Rapport Communications can help you define the issue, zero in on the core problem, and develop strategies for success. 


When mere "teaching" is not enough, you need an approach that has been proven to bring about a true transfer of learning and a change in behavior/communication to meet desired goals and objectives. Rapport Communications' methods employ state-of-the-art techniques that help adults learn quickly and retain that new knowledge. These methods also ensure that adult learners will be able to perform newly acquired skills in the situations for which they have prepared - even under stress.


Stephen Rafe provides presentations and seminars on all aspects of behavior-based communication - including written, spoken, and non-verbal messaging - with special attention to adult-learning transfer. All programs offer current information from these fields, including many of his own innovative techniques. Rapport Communications' highly effective methods are available in the following formats: Luncheon or dinner presentations, one-hour and two-hour seminars, and workshops of any length (including half-day, one-day, and two-day formats). Detailed descriptions of programs are available on request by emailing: stephen@rapportcommunications.net

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$14.95 -- RM401 - (Hardcover Book) Mastering the News-Media Interview -- How to do successful television, radio, and print interviews. Called "the complete, must-read guide for everyone responsible for representing their organizations through the media: -- in fact for everyone who has to handle any kind of interview. Covers all the techniques author/coach/consultant Stephen Rafe has shared with Fortune 500 clients. 

 Think on Your Feet book cover  $14.95 -- RM402 - (Hardcover Book) Think on Your Feet -- Practical and proven successful, the techniques presented for taking charge of your self, your subject, and your situation can help you become a better presenter in just hours, and continue to build those skills throughout your career.
 Get Hired: It's Your Job book cover

$14.95 -- RM403 ((Hardcover Book) Get Hired: It's Your Job -- "Read this book if  you are presently seeking -- or ever plan to seek -- a career position at the managerial, professional, or technical level. Every page is filled with the author's practical and proven techniques for successful interviewing, his knowledge of the process of marketing one's services, and his understanding of how to make each step in the communications process succeed for you." -- John D. Brenner, Ph.D., former Director of Human Resources, Mercedes Benz, N.A., and President, John D. Brenner Associates, Inc.

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$14.95 -- RA305CD - The Calm Music System™: Play this recording whenever you want to be stress-free yet alert and receptive to new information. A great tool for studying and learning, driving in traffic, preparing for meetings, and other applications.