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Prepare spokespersons to face:

          hearings * testimony * depositions * inquiries

In these situations:

          courts * counsel chambers * arbitration

For these purposes:

          city councils * zoning and planning boards * state/federal bodies * other regulatory commissions


Self -- How to convey your veracity, how to make that critical first impression, how to deal with stress, how your non-verbals/body language communicate, how your voice influences others, how to prepare mentally and physically, importance of eye contact, how your self-talk affects your outcome, what to think about, how to listen "care-fully," and more.

Subject -- How to organize thoughts, how to rehearse your statements and responses, how to handle questions even during cross-examination, how to recognize and deal with trick and trap questions, how to say what you want to say without being lead, how to keep from disclosing more than you should, how your attorney will protect your interests, and more. We work with *counsel by preparing the individual, respecting the attorney's role in addressing all points of law and legal strategies.

Situation -- How to become familiar with each physical setting, how to establish a comfort level in any environment, how to avoid nervous fidgeting with items on a desk or table, and more.

*Stephen Rafe serves as an expert witness on behavior-based communication in another field.