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RAPPORT: The positive outcome that occurs when you demonstrate that you understand the other personís model of the world. It involves the flow of verbal and nonverbal communication together to establish mutually desirable outcomes.


Our state-of-the-art techniques help people actually learn. Participants in Rapportís programs progress through increasingly challenging exercises that are carefully structured to help them experience success from the start. Each step prepares them for the next one and strengthens their skills in the techniques they have already learned. This approach builds confidence and a positive attitude toward serving as spokespersons.

Rapport Communications' methods help people learn what really works, and why. Thus, our clients succeed in presenting information before any audience and responding to questions from any source. Follow-up studies show participants retain as much as 80% of what they learned in one of our programs -- even weeks later -- and use that knowledge effectively in the situations for which they were coached.

Participants learn through discussion, demonstration, and video-recorded role-play. Brief instructional units cover the three critical aspects of spokesperson success: Self, Subject, and Situation. Constructive critiques help them learn each lesson well and succeed in the actual situations for which we have helped them prepare.